ISRFG 2024

Day 1: September 9, 2024

8:30-9:15am – Welcome/Opening Remarks (Chaired by Vibha Srivastava)

Deacue Fields

Jack Okamuro

Rod Wing 


9:15-9:45am – Break + Coffee/Tea (30 minutes)


9:45-10:30am – Keynote Address #1 (Chaired by Bob Ziegler

Jan Leach


10:30-11:15am – Keynote Address #2 (Chaired by Rod A. Wing

Venkatesan Sundaresan: Apomixis for hybrid rice. 


11:15-12:45pm – Plenary Session #1 (Chaired by Jan Leach Yulin Jia)

11:15-11:45am Keith Glover

11:45-12:15pm Rod A. Wing: 20 years of the rice genome. 

12:15-12:45pm Pam Ronald: Engineering rice for resilience in a changing climate. 


12:45-2pm – Group Photo/Lunch 


2-4:30pm – Concurrent Sessions (Speakers TBA)

Yield – Chaired by Christian De-Guzman & Endang Septiningsih 

  1. Hybrid Rice and Conventional Premium
  2. Specialty Rice
  3. High Value Niche Market
  4. Photosynthesis 

Biotic Stress – Chaired by Chih-Wei Tung & Tom Tai 

  1. Blast, Sheath Blight, Smuts
  2. False Smut and Kernel Smut
  3. Narrow Brown Leaf Spot

Rice Quality – Chaired by Shannon PinsonSiwaret Arikit 

  1. Milling Quality – Fissure Resistance and Chalkiness
  2. Grain Appearance, Protein Contents, Essential Nutrients
  3. Nutrigenomics


4:30-6:30pm – Poster Session/Coffee/Reception

6:30-8:30pm – Dinner 


8:30-10:30pm – Workshops  

  1. Phenotypic Predictions (Chaired by Samuel Fernandes & Andy Pereira)

Gota Morota: Evaluating metabolic and genomic data for predicting grain traits under high night temperature stress in rice.

Parthiban Prakash  

Roberto Fritcshe-Neto: Rice quantitative genetics. 

  1. Bioinformatics (Chaired by Yong Zhou & Jianwei Zhang

Opening remarks: Rod A. Wing

1)      Jianwei Zhang: Rice genomes to riceome: an international bioinformatics initiative serving the global rice research community. 

2)      Andy Jones: PanOryza – defining high-quality gene models in rice pan-genome using new data types. 

3)      Nagarajan Kathiresan: Accelerating insights into plat genomics: the vital role of bioinformatics in high performance computing.

4)      Xuehong Wei: Catalyzing genomic discoveries: leveraging rsIDs for enhanced trait-driven interoperability and genomic function transfer. 

5)      Yong Zhou: Rice pan-genome studies: how can bioinformatics analysis be applied in field research?

6)      Kenneth McNally: RicePilaf: a dashboard for post-GWAS analysis (currently in press in GigaScience). 

7)      Sushma Naithani: Plant Reactome: in silico modeling of reference rice pathways for knowledge discovery and translational research. 

Day 2: Sept 10, 2024

8:30-12:30am – Plenary Session #2 (Chaired by Georgia Eizenga & Sushma Naithani)

8:30-9am Su-May Yu: Roots of drought and flooding tolerance in rice. 

9-9:30am Subhra Chakraborty: Harnessing natural variation through pan genome and pan proteome unravels the mysteries of seed quality traits in rice. 

9:30-10am Yulin Jia: Rice germplasm characterization and enhancement for the sustainability and resilience of the US rice industry using functional genomics tools

10-10:30am Guo-Liang Wang: Molecular mechanisms of Piz-t-mediated resistance against Magnaporthe oryzae. 


10:30-11am – Break + Coffee/Tea (30 minutes) 


Plenary Session #2 Cont. (Chaired by Georgia Eizenga & Sushma Naithani)

11-11:30am Yinong Yang: CRISPR/Cas genome editing for rice functional genomics and trait improvement. 

11:30-12pm Doreen Ware: Plant genomes: understanding their past and managing their future.

12-12:30pm Sally Assmann: Computational and functional genomics approaches toward improving abiotic stress resistance in rice. 


12:30-2pm – Lunch


2-4:30pm – Concurrent Sessions (Speakers TBA)

Abiotic Stress – Chaired by Benildo de los Reyes & Laura Bartley

  1. Harkamal Walia: Genome-wide identification of genotype-specific RNA splicing as the basis of differential response to salt stress in rice
  2. Waseem Hussain: Time to Deliver: New Paradigms in Rice Salinity and Flooding Breeding
  3. Endang Septiningsih: TBD
  4. Joong Hyoun Chin: Adaptation of Tropical Rice to Temperate Climates: Efficacy of Multi-Stress Tolerant Indica Varieties in Reclaimed Regions of Korea
  5. Jinmi Yoon: Improving Crop Productivity by Understanding Root Development
  6. Kusum Naitani: Using semi-mechanistic models for quantifying abiotic stress in rice
  7. Isaiah Catalino M. Pabuayon: Novel Adaptive Physiology for Salinity Tolerance in Transgressive Segregants of Rice

Sustainability –  Chaired by Alice Fornasiero Jai Rohila 

  1. Greenhouse Gas
  2. Nitrogen Utilization
  3. Toxic Elements (arsenic and cadmium)
  4. Weed Management
  5. Large Root Genetics
  6. Nutrigenomics

Comparative Genomics & Technology – Chaired by Jeremy Edwards Pao-Yang Chen 

  1. Domestication
  2. Gene Editing
  3. Spatial Transcriptome 


4:30-6:30pm – Poster Session/Coffee/Reception

6:30-8:30 pm – Dinner


8:30-10:30pm – Workshop (Speakers TBA)

  1.  Gene Editing – (Chaired by Bing Yang
  2.  High Throughput Phenotyping – (Chaired by Argelia LorenceHarkamal Walia)

Day 3: Sept 11, 2024- Lonoke/Stuttgart

8:30am Meet in the Marriott Hotel lobby

9:10am Isbell Farm – Lonoke

11:10am arrival to Stuttgart, AR

11:10-12:10pm PCCUA

12:10-2pm Stuttgart Lunch- Arkansas Style, Phillips Community College,, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA)


Young Scientist Award Talks (Chaired by Alton Johnson) *Judges will be needed*










2:30-4pm  Tour of Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center

4-6pm Tour of University of Arkansas Rice Research and Extension Center/ Field plot experiment for breeding and crop protection


6:30-8:30 Banquet Dinner + Speaker Award Ceremony (Chaired by Yulin Jia & Rod A. Wing)

 Chris Isbell, Rice Farmer 

 Qifa Zhang


Announcement of ISRFG2025 and Concluding Remarks