ISRFG 2024

Abstracts Submission 


April 1st 

First Day to Submit Abstracts 

August 1st

Last Day to Submit Abstracts 

Rice researchers are invited to submit an abstract of their research. Work on other plants will not be considered. The following participants are invited to submit an abstract: 

  • Invited Keynote/Plenary Session Speakers
  • Breakout Session Speaker Applicants*
  • Young Scientist Award Applicants*
  • Poster Session Presenters 
* Applicants not selected to speak will be invited to present a poster

Abstracts will be selected for a breakout session, poster presentation, and/or young scientist award talk on a rolling basis, meaning that we will accept abstracts as they come in. We encourage international applicants and applicants who want to give talks to submit as early as possible.  

*If you have been invited to speak, you are still required to submit your abstract. 

Submission Guidelines: 

An abstract should be written in English and include the title, author's name, affiliation, email, and keywords. The abstract should be within 250 words, excluding the title and other details.
Note :
  • Abstracts must be submitted online through the link above. Abstract submissions by other means like offline mail or email, will not be entertained. 
  • One participant can submit only one poster abstract as a presenting author; however, they may be a non-presenting author on other abstracts.
  • By submitting the abstract, you agree to publish the abstract in the Symposium ebook hosted on the ISRFG 2024 website.

There will be TWO poster sessions in the Symposium. The date and time of the poster sessions are available with the detailed event itinerary that will be published at a later date. Presenting authors would be required to be present close to his/her poster during the poster session.
  • Poster Specifications: Poster boards will be available to display poster at the symposium venue. The vertical dimension of poster should be 36 inch (3 feet) wide x 48 inches (4 feet) high. As the posters will be displayed next to each other, there will not be any room for overflow on the horizontal sides.
  • Best Poster Awards: Best poster awards (total 4) will be presented to the most accomplished poster presentations at the Symposium. The poster committee would evaluate all the posters for their design, clarity of the data presentation, scientific content and communication ability of the presenter. These awards carry a cash price and a certificate of merit.

To recognize brilliant Early Career Scientists from around the world and encourage their participation in the Symposium, ISRFG 2024 has instituted TWO Young Scientist Awards. These awards carry cash price and a citation. The aspirants would register for the Symposium and submit an abstract as given in the guidelines. An evaluation panel comprising eminent researchers will review the applications, and the ten highest-scoring Young Scientists will be called for presentation at the Symposium. The candidates will be informed of their selection by email. During the presentation, a committee would evaluate the presentation based on slide design, clarity of the data presentation, scientific content and communication ability of the presenter and recommend for the award.
  • Applicants carrying a Ph.D. degree should have published high-quality papers on any theme of rice research. 
  • Must be within 5 - 10 years of receiving your Ph.D. degree. 
  • While submitting an abstract, choose the “Young Scientist Award Applicant” category
  • Provide a crisp CV showing the list of achievements (including publications as first/first-co-author and corresponding author, patent, technology developed, etc.)
  • Provide the impact of their research work (150 words) and future research (150 words)
  • Applicants who are not shortlisted for the talk will still be considered for a poster presentation.